Well some may like it hot but I can’t say that today’s weather appealed to many of the 12 volunteers.  It’s all very well, of course, if you are strolling down the slope to take a leisurely trip to Toddy but less pleasant if you are barrowing ballast from the bottom of Platform 1.  Still, progress was made in several areas and I will do my best to credit those responsible.

Maurice, Andy and Dave (snazzy shorts) Tomlin were staking the new hedge – to prevent wind damage – however unlikely that felt today.  Seeing this rather ugly fence close up you can see why we felt we needed a hedge on our side!IMG_20170617_113616

Elsewhere, Bob was busy tidying the area at the bottom of the Platform 2 slope – where we had a fire yesterday (intentionally of course!) to burn the laurel removed from overhanging P1, plus other weeds.  The area looks a bit bare but much tidier – and it’s been directed that all we want growing there is easy cut grass, no brambles, no nettles.  Fat chance I hear you cry – but we will stick at it.


Mick and Ben made good progress with the shed base – levelling the frame and fixing the corners.  Another hour of ballast packing and we will be ready for re-construction assuming someone can recall how the parts go together!  I hope the final product justifies the effort involved.

Mary and John were gardening, whilst Steve assisted by unfurling an inordinate length of ‘leaky hose’ for the Platform 1.  Having said that I am not sure the veg plot (second picture) needs much encouragement to grow any more!

Speculation was rife amongst the Cheltenham gang as to the precise use of the rope work (picture 3) – are we planning to offer abseiling down to the Platform as additional attraction on weekends? Possibly just a safer method of cutting the steeper bits of the new lawn area.

Any finally, Dave and Bill were getting stuck in to the refurbishment required on the front wall of the ticket office:IMG_20170617_115859

It’s not just the volunteers that are showing their age at the Racecourse Station!

Regards to all,


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