A Sunny Friday!

Dear Bill,
    With a dry sunny day, little wind and no regular passenger trains running it being Friday, it seemed like a perfect day for a bonfire!
    Tim has been cutting back the Laurel bush at the foot of the Platform 1 Ramp which had started to intrude into the platform area and the “trimmings” (large leafy branches actually) had been moved onto the old Platform 2 ramp for future disposal. This morning Tim was again lopping off the last of the intruding branches and as Ros and I had been collecting pine cones and branches from Platform 2 and the garden beds we are seeking to cultivate, we decided to make it a combined effort. With a goodly pile of pine branches already stacked up on the upper reaches of the ramp from an old tree collapse a year or so ago, it seemed like a good place for our burn up.
   We soon had a super blaze going  that consumed all the old and the new small leafy branches. The larger branches have been piled up to be sawed up to keep the home fires burning next winter. The image below shows the ramp almost clear of debris and both Ros and Tim well smoked – “Finnin Haddies” come to mind. During the height  of the conflagration we were visited by a firing and driving course train and the locomotive stopped adjacent to our smoke. Their visit was brief – I wonder why!
    Thanks to the watering facilities installed by Mick and Tim last year fire control measures were on hand just in case our fire became too enthusiastic and before we left this afternoon the area around the fire was thoroughly hosed down. As you can see below on an image I took this evening there was not much left from the large quantity of wood that we disposed of this morning.
    Other activity we carried out on Platform 2 during the bonfire was some strimming of the grass on the lower reaches of the Platform ramp and on the embankment behind the new garden bed.  Earlier in the season this latter area was a large thistle patch which we subjected to weedkilling treatment. It is now a luxuriant area of grass where in coming seasons we will try and add some wild flowers now that the weeds and brushwood have been suppressed.

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