Short and Sweet!

A short blog post today, with many of my Volunteering Chums away on other parts of the railway or carrying out bank holiday duties at home. Of course it was the start of the Cotswold Festival of Steam and it was very tempting to sit back and watch the sights and sounds of the trains arriving and departing from CRS. It was a magnificent scene and  I’m sure it will be well reported on other blogs and Facebook.

Here 2807 sizzling in the sunshine on Platform 2 ready to take one of many trains departing from the new platform 2 today. It caused me to recall overseeing in the 20,000 bricks that were eventually used to construct the platform wall. What a lot of hard work has happened in between!


And an early double header arrives in the form of Dinmore Manor and Formarke Hall.


Now down to the nitty gritty. There was good deal of last minute sprucing up first thing, with Mike on the broom and Stephen on the Billy Goat. Ben and I passed some useful time shifting the nuts, bolts, screws and washers from the Work Room in the Ticket Office, down to the Container. Three barrow loads later (Ben doing the barrowing, me looking important) and the job was done.


Our main task of the morning was to unload the component parts of a shed, recently surplus to requirements at Broadway Station. This proved a challenge as Stephen, Ben and I handballed all the parts from the back of the Building Service truck parked outside the boundary fence, over the POD roof and into storage. Unfortunately I was a vital link in the chain and did not get chance to photograph the antics.  (Anyway a shed  is a shed for all that!) Nevertheless our thanks go to BS for their work and patience and to Ben in particular as he stayed on to make the whole activity doable.


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