There is, I suppose, a slightly masochistic pleasure in physical labour for it’s own sake. The GWSR at Cheltenham Racecourse Station certainly provides more than its share and should be a very happy place as a result!  Mainly, at the moment, it seems we are digging; whether it is digging out broken taps, digging up ballast to replant it elsewhere or digging our gardens.  Perhaps it’s digging season? My colleagues were hard at it this morning with Bill, Steve, Dave T, Paul, Andy, Ben, Mike and John all putting in shifts in one form or another.  Here are some highlights.

First up is Ben with a broken tap (it was me that broke it but it just came off in my hand – honestly) on the bank above Platform 1.  A little digging in the glorious mud revealed a leaking supply pipe in any case.  Time for some plumbing repairs and, hopefully, a more substantial chamber fitting around the new system.

Second it the further adventures of path building – the sort of work they get convicts to do in the USA!  Here Bill and others are working to extend our all weather path from the container side through to the slabs and placing the exhumed stones between PODs – recycling again!

Third, some results of digging: our new hedge line and the vege plot.

Fourth the results: well earned rest for the weary in and around the staff office – which is beginning to looks more spacious and tidier as we transfer our materials elsewhere.

Fifth (no photos) Mike was buy sweeping, Paul was busy sweeping and mowing whilst Steve was busy helping everyone else out – as usual.

And, finally, see what Dave T has dug up from far afield: a couple of genuine GWR 10 foot lamp posts.  (Just what we need after all that digging is to move these 2 monsters into safekeeping.)IMG_20170513_111533

See the full story at http://gwsrbuildingservices.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/gwr-lamp-post-story.html.  The lamps are destined for the slope on Platform 2 – so that’ll be a long term investment then!

However, if rumour has correct, we may see passengers on P2 in the very near future – watch this space.


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