The Monday Morning Crew

Dear Bill,
    There was early morning activity at the station today – all in advance of the normal afternoon staffing levels. Before Ros and I arrived Tim was already moving barrowloads of sandy ballast from the “mine” down near the signal box up to the narrow confines of the worker’s path outside the the assorted containers.
     Tim briefly stopped for a photo call from Platform 2 – grimacing all the way to the mountaineering challenge that lies just  ahead – but as you can see below Tim achieved another few feet of pathway (that sounds better that 1 metre!) Well done Tim just a few barrow loads to go to reach down to the bonfire area.


    Meanwhile down in the ladies toilet Dave Griffin was showing his penitent side and was moving forward with the redecoration of the last of the customer facing rooms in the Platform 1 building. The results Dave are super and we have received accolades from our visitors on how bright and sparkling our “facilities” are.

    Over on Platform 2 Ros and I continued with the weed and stone (some boulders !) removal from the final section of the garden beds we are reworking this year. Sadly we did not complete the task as planned this morning so this remains body damaging Work In Progress. We did, however, manage to erect the platform number sign on the lamp post at the bottom of the Platform 2 access ramp in preparation for the use of this platform later this month at the Steam Gala.


    Before anyone comments: The weed growth on the ramp in the background of this image is already showing signs of damage from spraying with weed killer and is due to be strimmed in the next week or so.

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