Long and Winding Road (well long anyway!)

Wheel barrows were the order of the day this morning – either shifting garden waste or shifting ballast.

The most challenging perhaps was shifting ballast from the very end of Platform 1 (by the crossing), up to the container/pod site.

Here Andy and Terry pace themselves up the platform, and at the ramp, each goes his merry way – one up the ramp  heading for the container, and the other further up the platform to pick up a load of fir cones.

The ballast is being used to make a volunteer friendly footpath from the pods  to the front of the container.

The finishing touches were made to the approach path to the container entrance. Ben and I consolidated all the good work carried out by Tim and Mick and I have to say the end result was pretty pleasing.

On Platform 2 Team Stark (Ros and Bob) continued with the gardening work.

Here Bob maintains a good pace with his full barrow, having walked it from platform 2, across the crossing and up the ramp. I must find out what he’s having for breakfast!


More of this later!


Today on Pl 2 

Dear Bill,
As promised a short update and an image on the progress being made on bringing the environs of Platform 2 up to an appropriate standard for its opening at the Festival of Steam later this month. Our aim had been to bring the garden bed between the old toilet base and the Platfrom 2 access ramp to the Evesham Road under control during this summer as well as preventing the vegetation coming down off the embankment behind the new platform surface. This aim has had to be brought forward and given some urgency with its planned use this month by passengers.
The two sections (out of three) dug over last year and planted out with flowers have survived well over the winter (did we really have one in garden terms ?) which left us with the final section (see below) up to the base of the ramp to deal with. This section was well invested with weeds, clay from the rebuilding of the platform and a goodly selection of stones, both large and small. It also had considerable amounts of root infested soil piled up along the base of the old slagstone wall resulting from the collapse of some it. Earlier this year we “recycled” many wheelbarrow loads of sand left over from the platform building and placed the sand into this untouched section of future garden bed to suppress weed growth. Over the last week Ros and I have dug out most of the section – and the spoil against the wall – levelled off the area and spread the sand back from the platform edge into the future growing area. The barrow loads of  recovered small stones were moved to fill in holes on the upper surface of the embankment, most caused by rabbits. Another day of toil will see this section of garden bed finished and our plan is to leave it neat, weedfree and unplanted until the Autumn when decisions on the plants to be laid out can be made. During the summer we intend to add top soil and fertiliser and rotovate the bed. As you can see below most of the unwanted vegetation has now gone. Elsewhere on the embankment it was apparent today that the weedkilling spraying we have carried out over the last month has had the desired effect of knocking back the weeds and unwanted brush wood saplings.
Bob and Ros

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