Don’t tell him Pike!

The GWSR Wartime in the Cotswold event is taking place this weekend. Always a popular event  with those who have a penchant for dressing up or those who mearly like a whiff of nostalgia.  The ongoing attraction of the event was clear at Cheltenham Racecourse Station, with the carparks very quickly filling up and passengers having to wait their turn to embark on the north bound trains. IMG_1018

On Platform 1, entertainment was laid on in the form of a very talented swing band, which had many people tapping their feet and the odd one or two breaking out into a Jive!

Here is a nosegay of the CRS action:-


On the “normal day” volunteering front, much of the usual activity carried on – Stephen mowing, Dave T scything and and Mike on his broomstick.

For my part, whilst heady on the nostalgia all around me, I helped Ben and Tim  level out and start the slab laying in front of the Container. Tim pretty much was stuck in this position for the rest of the day, me thinks, having shifted several big commercial grade slabs and several barrow loads of ballast. Ben having shifted the same amount was looking as bright and perky as when he arrived. Oh to be young again!IMG_1017

The end result however made it all worthwhile, with approximately half the job completed by the close of play.

IMG_1031As I was leaving I spotted regular CRS volunteer Mick (left) working on ticket checking duty. I think we were quite envious of his outfit and the natty headgear in particular!IMG_1034



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