A steamin’ and a rollin’………….?

It wasn’t a typical morning this Saturday: the absence of the first train’s arrival was quite serious for the CRCS volunteers – we didn’t know when to have our tea break!

Eventually, parched throats got the better of us and this might have accounted for the fact that my initial array of pictures was entirely based around refreshments.  Anyway, even Dave T got a cuppa by about 1130.

There was, however, was a certain nervousness prevailing about the Station due to the delays on the line – the customers didn’t look at us with the usual benign amusement!  It may have been entirely coincident but most volunteers worked out of sight on top of the bank – putting in more saplings and in the new container furthering the fitting out – leaving the station staff to cope with the delays.  Luckily our ‘representative’ Dave Griffin was doing a fine job explaining the delays via tannoy message – very British Rail!  More positively still we were all very pleased to see Paul L was back in harness with the mower and the billy goat.  Equally unusually, a deer carcass was observed below the bridge – presumably either a car accident on the A436 and/or the subsequent fall resulted in its demise – to be swiftly removed out of sight and mind.  (No, it was not the wrong sort of deer on the line which caused the holdups!)

In the container the new racking was finalised and secured to the wall whilst an extra light was fitted above the work bench. Lighting has been restored to the ‘electrical’ POD, whilst the garden POD has been cleared a little (there is now room to swing a small cat) and much debris removed from the environs.

The hedge line is also pretty much complete and now just needs to grow a bit – perhaps another couple of years and some much needed precipitation?

Hard graft  all round as usual so the customers should be duly grateful to Dave T, Ben, Mick, John, Andys x 2, Maurice, Paul, Mary & Steve.

Don’t forget it’s War time in the Cotswolds next week – ‘We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when………….’

Easter greetings to all!


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