Oh what a beautiful morning…….

And so it was at Cheltenham Racecourse Station this morning with sterling efforts being put in by Mick, Mike, Bill, Ben, Dave G, Mary, Dave T, Terry, Andy, John and your truly.  Essentially 3 tasks were underway: two in the Container and one major league hedge planting session.

First off were the Ben and Bill working to ensure that our future storage is as neat as neat can be, with some excellent looking racking beginning to appear opposite our tool cupboards.  Mick, meanwhile, having constructed the lighting/heating (and coincidentally provided a rendition of ‘The Crystal Chandelier’) then finished the other power outlets and was working to restore the mains supply to the other PODs.  Great efforts by all three which would be eve more appreciated if we didn’t seem to acquire even more kit, materials, tools etc as fast as we can store it!!

Elsewhere, a tough team were working on something of a chain gang project to start planting some 250 hedging plants – mainly hawthorn but including hazel, crab apple, field maple, wild cherry and dog rose; all native species which should give a great display and wildlife diversity in front of an otherwise pretty sterile and ugly fence. Hurrah for the work so far but there are a heck of a lot plants still to go so feel free to dig in!


Apologies to anyone who doesn’t feature in the above pictures – all your efforts are much appreciated.




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