Saturday 1st April 2017 – An Enjoyable Morning’s Volunteering

10 stalwarts on duty today, with plenty of jobs on the to-do list. Mick and Dave G were all suited and booted on Ticket Office and Station Master duties respectively.

The C Team (Container) were determined to get the contents of the last storage cabinet transferred to the container and, energy permitting, shift the cabinet  itself.


Ben very much led the charge today and, with a pair of happy shunters behind, he earned his Class 1 HGV licence by the end of the trip!  It then remained to get the contents back into the cabinet, which we successfully achieved.

What was fairly aggravating on our returned to firstly admire and then tidy up the vacant space, a nameless person(s) had already filled the space Arrrrgh! There was at least a window and wall visible for you to see!


Elsewhere much was happening on the gardening front – I guess the challenge is how to keep one step ahead of the weeds!

Here John is lovingly tending his veg. patch. It really does look the part.IMG_1001

What I didn’t realise was that baked bean cultivation was all the rage during the war years – you are never too old to learn!


Finally Dinmore Manor was again on parade – here taking the first train of the day northwards.


Bob  about to take a “buggy ride” to Toddington :-



I will have missed out other equally valuable work in progress today, but Tim or I will catch you next time!


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