Right said Ben both of us together, one each end and steady as we go….

A summary of proceedings today:-

Firstly the container began to receive its first load(s) of  tools and equipment from the Ticket Office this morning. Here a picture of the new workbench (its too high they moan…. No its not – its ideal for my 6’4!”)IMG_0983

The scaffold tower components fit nicely behind the LH door.

IMG_0982 copy

The next step was to empty and  shift (lug!) the tool cabinets from the Ticket Office to the container. This was no mean feat – getting them from their current positions, out of the door, onto a trolley, wheel said trolley  100m and do the whole thing in reverse at the container end!

Well, as the Bernard Cribbins song goes,there was good deal of “heaving and straining”  (not much complaining!) but in the end 2 of the 3 cabinets duly ended at their destination.

IMG_0984 copy

At this point 2 things happened – we ran out of time and energy – and  my phone ran out of juice to take further pictures.

However, I must report that whilst the “Big Cheeses” were away today, the rest of the team worked on in welcome  Spring sunshine. The drone of the Billy Goat was quickly replaced by the hum of the mower . The station soon  looked its neat and tidy self. (Cheers Paul)

Much  sweeping (Mike),  and weeding, snipping and clipping was undertaken by John, Andy and Stephen.


Note the container, when completed will only be used to hold a modest range of  hand tools  and materials. All major items of plant and machinery are held securely elsewhere on the Railway.

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