A Close Run Thing!

Dear Bill,
    A week of occasional high drama at our Station as contractors worked against the elements and machinery gremlins to complete the resurfacing of our Platform 1 access ramp in time for our weekend’s visitors and the full trains of merry racing enthusiasts for the Cheltenham Festival next week.
    Whats it all about ? Well once a year Cheltenham becomes the centre of Irish attention as many thousands of racing enthusiast descend on Prestbury Park for the Cheltenham Festival of national hunt racing. For our Blog followers it is all about having our station ready to greet GWR trains from Toddington full of racing enthusiasts “beating the traffic and arriving in style” – see the poster below.
    Our Platform 1 access ramp can be likened to the San Andreas fault – always on the move, but very imperceptably. As the image below shows the surface has deteriorated considerably since it was laid some 15 years ago and after another wet winter it was agreed that the movement was such that patching up the cracks again was no longer and option and that major surgery was now required.
    Due to several factors the only slot available for this work to be done was this week, but with the Cheltenham Festival only days away there was no “wiggle room” if unexpected problems arose. Arise they did, but the contractors managed to finish laying the new tarmac late on Thursday afternoon


    This morning, Friday, we can see here the “after” image that matches the “before” image above.


  Other visitors to the site while all this heavy engineering actiovity was in progress were  a scaffolding team from Cotswold Scaffold to construct the scaffold interview platform used by a London based racing TV channel company to interview owners and trainers away from the Racecourse, but overlooking the course activity. A busy week for everyone.
    Tomorrow, the Saturday gang have the final tidying up to  complete, but that will be tomorrow’s blog storyline.

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