A Sunny Day at CRC Station

Dear Bill,
    A short update on the “goings-on” at our station today. Tim was up with the sparrows this morning and has created a temporary (his words) mud free area adjacent to the irrigation tap on Platform 2 for Ros to use. Our thanks to Tim for the work and the image.
This afternoon Ros and I went up to the station to check on last night’s emergency repair to the Ticket Office toilet which Dave Griffin had reported was dripping out onto the floor. Replacement of the diaphragm washer last night seemed to have cured the problem.
    The main tasks were to erect a couple of signs before we reopen and the first of these was a small new sign to tell our passengers arriving at Cheltenham from up the line how to get into and back from Cheltenham.
    The second sign was one that advertises our catering on the railway. This has been the subject of much recent TLC to replace water ingress into the corners. With this sign now rehung alongside another of our refurbished notice boards (which is awaiting a new advertisment sign from At The Races extolling the benefits of travelling to the Cheltenham Festival by GWR train rather than sitting in a traffic queue) we have completed the high priority notice board refurbishment programme. I can confirm that this has been executed according to the “just in time” management ethos.
    Despite some dire warnings from the weather Gurus about what is to come, it was a wonderful blue sky sunny day on the station and some of our flowers were blooming on Platform 2. No, the irrigation is not yet required, but we are ready to pamper our blooms in the unlikely event that summer comes early.


  “Up Top” Dave Tomlin was putting the finishing touches to our 2nd hand item stall that helps fund so many of our station activities – thank you David.
    And finally a view of our smart visitor arrival area demonstrating that we are ready for business on Saturday. For our distant blog viewers, you can see that it really was blue skies over Cheltenham this afternoon – long may it continue.

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