Tuesday at CRC Station – finishing touches!

Dear Bill,
    Days to do (until we reopen) are even fewer today! Nigel Barton Hawkins came down to the station this morning and installed two new hand driers in the Platform 1 toilets for our visitors. As you can see these are much smaller than the various types of machines fitted previously.
    Nigel and I had agreed that at this visit he would pass on to me tales of yore in relation to the recovery of the ex-Clifford station water tank that we installed in Cheltenham back in the 90s. I have written an account of the history of our water tank and Nigel has now filled in the early year gap in my narrative relating to the negotions for and dismantling and movement of the tank and its framework. In due course the completed tale will be available to go on our blog page (thats a promise).
    Dave and Val Griffin were hard at work cleaning, dusting and polishing the public rooms and the booking clerk’s office in the Ticket Office – they look sparkling again. In between Dave was finishing painting some of the signs that need to go back up on the walls before the first train arrives.


    On Saturday Stephen kindly agreed with me that with his hand being steadier than mine he would complete the painting of the new cast aluminium “GENTLEMEN” sign for the door of that facility. At present the door to that essential venue is anonymous, so no pressure for a fast return Stephen.

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