With just a week to go to the season opening there was an air of brisk, orderly activity this morning at CRCS. Or that would have been ideal.  In reality………….

No less than 14 volunteers turned out (Tim, Mick, Bill, Ben, Bob, Ros, Andrew, John, DaveT, Maurice, Terry, Mary, Mike & Steve) and great work was accomplished.

First up were Ben, Bill and Mick fitting out the ever more luxurious new container:

The ceiling and walls are complete and now even include a skirting board!  You might wonder why this was a priority ahead of opening and not be aware that there is a plan to rent out the space as sleeping accommodation during the Festival – should be a good fund raiser for the Station. (Just joking, though it’s not a bad thought………)

Second were Maurice, Steve & Billy, Terry, Mike (& me) engaged in the platform wash and brush up phase.  It’s amazing how much debris manages to find its way onto railway land in the close season.

Even though the weather was overcast some early garden tasks (mainly tidying) were carried out adjacent to our old Platform (note that John is so useful we have cloned him to be in 2 places at once):

…………whereas Mary is doing her George Formby impression!

Meanwhile, Ros continue to spruce up our new Platform with the assistance of a father and son formation wheel-barrowing team (Bob & Andrew):

Of course it’s not all work, and doughnuts (thank you Andrew) were very welcome at break time (1050 whether there is a train running or not!):

And finally, an informal committee meeting was held by the rubbish tip to discuss an important issue…………………

……………….which way the wind was blowing!?

Anyway, all credit to those who turned up and worked so hard – readers should go back and count the smiling faces!!  With another shift from the Monday gang I am sure we will be in good shape for the new season…… of the new shop etc next week!





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