A busy Mid Week Day at Cheltenham Station

Dear Bill,
    Days to do are getting few (as we head for opening day). With storm Doris approaching I decided to work in the garage on the last of the signs that needed to be rebuilt and ready for opening day. This one advertising the railway’s catering facilities has also suffered from water ingress at its extremities.
    With the sign removed the corners were remade and this time I tried a new adhesive from the “Gorilla Glue” stable (plus screws of course) and we will see in due course whether it lives up to the hype. As this task was progressing our postman delivered the new cast aluminium GENTLEMAN sign for the platform 1 toilet door that has been on order for a couple of weeks. I took the opportunity to spray it black so that it can be finished with white paint in the “well area” between the letters now requiring someone with a steadier hand than I to finish off the decoration. I have two possible names in mind I hope they turn up on Saturday!


     Whilst the glue was drying in the garage I returned to the H&S review of our ladders up at the ticket office and carried out maintenance of our large (very) step ladder. I hope that on Saturday we can finish this task and have the ladder in good shape for many more years of use. Dave Griffin was up at the station making it all ready for opening day and showed me the now almost ready Booking Hall devoid of all painting and projects and ready for the carpet to be cleaned. Also at the station were a team of two floor layers putting down pseudo wood composite flooring on the waiting room/shop floor. By the time we returned this afternoon Stuart and Ross had nearly completed the task and as you can see below were finishing the “fiddly bits”. For those who may be interested the shade of false wood on the floor is called “Van Gough” – was he not more famous for his paintings rather than flooring?
    When Ros and I were down on the platform Neil Carr and friends arrrived with a diesel pulling a small fishy freight train. This consisted of some empty ballast wagons (are these DOGFISH?) and a SHARK.  This answered an un-asked question – Is CRC now reconnected to the rest of the railway – clearly the answer is yes.
    Not being a diesel anorak I could not have informed our readers of the identity of the diesel except that I also took the image below which suggests that it is a class 60? Yes, Neil is doing the dirty work himself !
    Talking of dirty work Ros and I finished the afternoon by moving the last of the moveable furniture out of the booking hall and into the worker’s room so that the carpet could be shampooed. Ros ran the machine over the carpet – yours truly emptied the soiled water tank, the contents of which resembled cocoa. A few high level cobwebs were also removed from the ticket office to round off this productive day.


Bob and Ros

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