A Monday Extra – A Tale of Noggin the Nog

Mick Best came in today to fits some noggins between the ceiling beams and to fix some batons to trim the the plywood. Thanks Mick!


And from Bob Stark,

A mini report from the Monday morning team. With only 12 days to go before we reopen and a request from our senior Station Master to move the boxes of electrical components (and a few suitcases) out of the booking hall, Ros and I had a sort out this morning and have moved or recycled said components and the suitcases out of this customer facing area. Next in line for the move out of the comfort of the booking hall will be the painters so we can shampoo the carpet ! Mick joined us before lunch and headed off to the container, but I will leave you to cover that. This afternoon it was back to rebuilding notice boards in the relative comfort of my garage.


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