Saturday, 18th February and all Hands to the Pumps!

With just 2 weeks to go before the new operating season, all the volunteers in attendance were busy putting the finishing touches to the closed season’s maintenance tasks. There were 13 stalwarts signed in today.

The Ticket Office was getting an external wash and brush up  with the Karcher, with Stephen at the controls. Those visiting the work room had to dodge the showers!


Bob was making best efforts to install the refurbished notice board by the main  entrance. As ever with these tasks there is always always one awkward  b…… nut or bolt which makes the job twice as long. Here we can see there is nothing like a mini crisis to “draw the crowds” with good advice. As it happens, a vice is just what was needed!


On the gardening front, John has been doing a fine job on the reconstruction the bank, adjacent to the container.  The  photo belies the amount of work that went into removing the clay, re-profiling  the bank and substituting some good topsoil. Nice one John.


Last but not least was the ongoing work lining the container. Tim, Mick, Ben and yours truly set ourselves the task of fixing 2 of the 6 plywood panels to the ceiling. After much preparation and girding of loins, the gravity defying job was done and I have to say it looked pretty DG!. Smiles all round.

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There may be more copy coming in on the platform 2 activity, where the gardening was continuing, curtesy of Ros Stark.


And from Bob,

    With the warm weather front moving over SW England this weekend the plants, expecially the weeds are moving into overdrive in the Platform 2 garden beds. Ros has been bringing on various traditional primrose and polyanthus plants in the greenhouse which she hopes will now survive until the real spring comes. So it was out with some of the weeds in the Platform 2 garden bed and in with some colour. Last year dozens of young Hollyhock and Foxglove plants were planted in rows in the extension part of our Platform 2 flowerbed in the hope that some would survive. They all have and these are now showing signs of waking up and providing flower spikes for the spring. Ros also trimmed back some of dead wood on last years Marigold plants that have survived with their orange flowers and new buds intact – so much for world leaders that do not believe in global warming!

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