It was, as Dave T had warned us, a morning to be wearing your thermals: cold, damp and breezy.  The hardy annuals who turned out were 2 x Daves (T&G), Bob, Mick, Ben, John & Bill.  However, progress was made in several areas, not all of which were photographed – for which blame my cold hands.

Here is a highlight (sorry couldn’t resist that one) which Mick is fitting to the station building whilst Bob sorts his tools out!

Elsewhere Dave Griffin was moving so fast I couldn’t capture the moment:20170211_100602although the outcome will be another immaculately painted ‘facility’ on Platform 1.

Elsewhere, the ‘flower pot men’ (for those of a certain generation)  were busy cladding the inside of the container with Mick offering advice on hat choices:


And finally, John was doing as much garden prep as the weather would permit whilst DaveT tried to work out why the heating in the Ticket Office had allegedly caused the fire alarm to go off.

There seems to be plenty to do before Festival week and not an awful lot of time left to do it.  Here’s hoping for a few nice warm, dry and sunny days before 14 March!





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