First Past the Post!

I’ve had a couple of contributions today for the Blog, and Ben was first past the post with the following:-


I hope everything went well for you this morning.

As you probably know, Tim, Mary and I (and initially Mick as well before
he went off to do something else) were raking pine needles off the track
for most of the morning. We ended up with quite a pile just past the
last signal beyond the bridge after ~30 barrow loads. Three pictures of
said pile are attached for the blog – I couldn’t really see what I was
doing so I took them from different angles in the hope one is
blog-worthy. See what you think.


Best wishes


Les Stark were also in action today and  I received the following copy from Bob:-

Dear Bill,
    I attach below our contribution to the CRC Station Blog, since with pressure now for early completion of projects at both ends of the ramp we have become a divided comunity!
    The Stark family aided and abetted by Mick made good progress this morning on the Platform 1 building redecoration and lighting improvements. Going back 24 hours, on Friday Ros and I completed the rubbing down of the filler previously put into the holes in the ladies toilet ceiling resulting from the removal of the old light fittings and repainted it. Before leaving we installed the new LED downlighters in this room.
    Today, with a family team of three, Ros Andrew and Bob, we started the same work in the waiting room/shop. By close of play for lunch Andrew looking like a snowman having completed rubbing down all 12 ex lighting holes and Ros and I had managed to repaint over half  the ceiling. 8 of the 12 new LED downlighters have also been installed.
    Mick joined us to complete the refurbishment of the Gents toilet which has recently seen a major makeover by Dave Griffin and reinstalled the anti frost heater which had been removed for repainting with special (ie very expensive!!!) heat proof paint.  Whilst with us Mick also resolved a minor short coming that we had discovered in the toilet lighting circuit.
    Tim I am sure will be reporting on the work that was ongoing on the trackbed to remove some of the pine needles – I suspect a large pine needle bonfire will be taking place down in the headshunt in the coming weeks.
    Since toilet redecoration does not provide either an interesting or colourful image subject I attach instead a view of the track pine needle clearance team with Tim berating the photographer, Mary worried that I am again taking photographs of her in the same working clothes and Ben trundling off with a barrowful of pine needles. In the far distance by the Hunting Butts turnout a diminutive view of Mick with another barrow load of Pine Needles can be seen.
My own contribution today was somewhat truncated, as I had an important  family birthday lunch to attend. Nevertheless in the time available Stephen and I managed to fix four cross beams into the Container, ready to support the plywood roof. More of this next week


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