Monday Progress

It’s not always obvious to the passengers passing through our Station that a great deal of hard work goes on in the closed season to keep the Station and its services shipshape (if you’ll pardon the change in transport!) The following post from Bob Stark gives a nosegay  of the many tasks involved:-

Dear Bill,

A black and white progress report – without images to record the progress being made against a tight schedule to have the Platform 1 building facilities refreshed, up and running in the next couple of weeks.
My first thought is for the loneliness of the long distance painter – one Dave Griffin. As someone who has painted professionally Dave sets a very high standard and over the years we have benefitted from his workmanship. This writer cannot aspire to such levels of competence and has faced censure from Dave in the past for my artistic shortcomings. Over the last few weeks Dave has been giving all the toilets in the Platform 1 building a clean, repaint and general facelift. The difference is fantastic. In recent days the Gentlemen’s facilities have been completed and today Dave was completing the disabled toilet – the ladies is next. As part of the supporting cast I filled all the holes left by the removal of the old roof lights and after some rubbing down in the next few days we will be able to repaint the remaining ceilings where new LED downlighters are being installed.
Being Monday we had a good supporting cast this afternoon with several volunteers out on Platform 1 and the ramp clearing away the normal leaf fall and spraying the growth of moss and other slippery algae growth that has resulted from this winter’s wet and grey weather. Under cover in the ticket office Dave Griffin’s assistants Roger and new volunteer Stephen were hard at work painting the repaired notice boards that will be gracing our infrastructure when we reopen.
Between brushstrokes Dave Griffin hosted a local resurfacing company representative to obtain an estimate for the repair to the worst of the cracks on the Platform 1 ramp. We live in hope that this work also will be contracted and completed before we reopen.



A  big Blog welcome to new volunteer Stephen.

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