Another good turn out saw Mick, Bob, Ros, Steve, Dick, Dave G, Bill & Andy arrive at a rather busy CRCS for the Saturday morning shift. The race crowds were quite sizeable – more practice for the Festival I imagine – but we seemed to get in via Gate 6 okay and progress was achieved on various tasks.  In no order of importance these were:

Improved lighting in the Platform 1 building: Mick was chief sparks (whilst I acted as tool fetcher) to remove the existing light fittings and re-plumb for the new LED downlighters. The task was ‘more fun’ because it required access via the loft space – crawling about in which is quite a tight squeeze for the more mature figure and hard on the old knees!!

The new lighting (via 12V transformers shown) should be brighter and use considerably less electricity – hopefully boosting visibility and trade in the shop.  Anyway, despite a couple of cut fingers (and 3 broken light bulbs – old ones fortunately!) the task was accomplished so it just remains for the ceilings to be fettled and then given a coat of paint.

Elsewhere, the ladies and gents loos underwent a number of minor upgrades.

Good teamwork from Ros and Bob in their matching his ‘n hers boiler suits! (Are they on offer in Screwfix I wonder?)

Elsewhere Dave was as busy as usual with the dustpan, brush and paint pot – although one might suppose from the temporary lighting that filming was imminent!

Steve and Bill continued with the seemingly sisyphean tasks associated with the new container though I can report that we are ‘getting there’ according to the project manager.

And a quick look at the action, Stephen cuts  a remarkably straight line (!) and by the end of the morning all walls are completed – just the ceiling to go!



Dick, as ever, was industrious in removing the debris from the station surrounds whilst Andy was up a ladder fixing the CCTV system. Sorry no pictures – they’d downed tools by the time I got there!

I should note that these blogs reflect mostly what goes on when I am there on Saturday morning or mid-week; I am very much aware that there are numerous others – especially the Monday group – whose work is unrecorded and unsung but equally valuable.

Anyway, I am sure it will all be in tip top shape by the time the real Cheltenham Festival comes around (just about 7 weeks to go!).  Hopefully, utilising Platform 2.



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