There was a certain sense of relief in the air this morning at CRS – because we weren’t obliged to do any footpath work!  Anyway, a good motley collection of volunteers was in evidence doing a variety of out-of-season activities.

John and Maurice (and Dick after Billy Goating) were busy redesigning the garden: more grass bank, less beds on the precipitous slopes.  Good idea though heavy work removing/relocating the kerb stones and clinker stones! (Note the benches etc are ‘under cover’ prior to their off-season coat of paint.)

Bob and Andrew popped into the container for a discussion and then did other valuable work sorting and sifting our vast electrical stores (later joined by Mick on his knees in the ticket office)!  I think the recycling centre at Stoke Orchard is due a visit.

Elsewhere, Steve decided to remove an old sign (too far gone even for CRS – the sign that is, not Steve) and Ben willingly assisted anyone and everyone:

The seal of approval was given to the Platform 1 garden, now enclosed in sleepers and awaiting the growing season whilst Dave T showed a prospective new volunteer around the Station:

Finally, Dave G was as busy painting as ever (see many earlier blogs for an image) and, if there is anyone I have missed, my sincere apologies – do send me a selfie!






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