The Final Pieces of the Jigsaw!

A great turnout on a rather  dark, dank  day – the weather threatening to get wetter, rather than  better!

Nevertheless Mick, Tim and Ben made an  early start in order to complete the footpath to the Container and fit the final pieces to the pathway jigsaw.


This required some careful cutting of the final slabs. Mick was our master cutter –  it was best to avoid being down wind of the dust cloud!


Here Tim is levelling out the sharp sand base to accommodate each section of slab.


Eventually with much nudging and levering the job was complete!


It really was an excellent job, which brought much praise from the passing Volunteers, who were quite glad they had not drawn the short straw to be on the pathway chain-gang.

Ben completed the centre diversion around the tree in the pathway by carefully infilling with two narrow sections of slab and thereby  minimised the  chicane effect for speeding wheel barrows. (we may still require a speed camera there!)img_0888

The end result was quite magnificent. You couldn’t wish for a better result. Bravo!


On the topic of jigsaws, similar  (easier!) challenges were presenting themselves with the lining out of the Container.   I donned my Chippy Minton hat and helped Andrew Stark continue the plywood lining of the container – with the adage “measure twice, cut once” etched in my brain by my late father in law, we managed to make some steady progress and get a couple of more sheets of ply on the walls.



The job continues next week.

Elsewhere work was proceeding – unfortunately much of it out of my sight. (not earshot  – I heard Bob  knocking seven bells out of an old  metal sign!).

Tim did catch a good shot of John Leeson contemplating a renovation job on… mmm a small window box or ….. a brick mould or ….. I will find out….20170108_114908

Im sorry I missed others activity but all efforts are equally valued.



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