Stairway to Heaven (our reward will be before then I hope!)

Tim and Mick (our Vaudeville Crosstalk Act) were on duty today and Tim kindly posted the following dispatch:-

Dear Bill,

A short note from the mid-week gang.  Having taken the Christmas decorations down (early) and eaten the last mince pie it was time to start making the most of the passengerless months!


So we took the new path a few steps closer to completion this morning by cutting turf, packing sand and laying the remaining slabs.   It was pretty much all quiet at CRS this morning though we did spot a short visit from the watermen.


All that remains will be to lay a few more on the straight and then negotiate the tricky curved slope down to the tarmac!  Simples!


It will then be fit for the Lewis Hamiltons of the wheelbarrow world to race on.  Perhaps we should organise a  local grand prix?  On second thoughts………. perhaps not!



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