The End of the Yellow Brick Road (almost!)

A grand turnout of 10 Volunteers today,  New Years Eve.

The blue timetable was in action, on the run up to the end of the 2016 season, and there was still a steady flow of passengers boarding the trains. What a great season it seems to have been – our railway is more popular than ever, as it continues to grow in  commercial confidence. Brilliant!

For my part today I was the chippy’s mate, helping Andrew Stark clad the inside of the container (when I nod my head you hit it comes to mind….) Nevertheless, some good progress was made. In other areas Bob was doing an early Spring clean of the electrical equipment Pod, in anticipation of it being converted into a paint store. On the painting front, Dave G was touching up (paint wise) one of the new signs. The Billy Goat was in action and all the volunteers seemed to be enjoying a respite from the Christmas excesses!

Mainly in my view  today, was the progress being made on completing the pathway. Tim, Mick, Ben and Maurice were doing their best to get to the far end by close of play. In reality concrete had to be left to harden and a a few more slabs are required. However the end is in sight! Here is Ben on the horizon – quite pleased that there are no more roots to chop out, or concrete to mix!



Happy New Year!


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