A Boxing Day Quickie!

Tim Winstanley, up to the gunwales  in mince pies and Christmas cheer, took a trip up to CRS to work off some of the calories. Tim reported the following :-

Dear Bill,

As light relief from the family festivities I popped up to CRC to do a bit of work this morning.  Amid the cheerful crowds (goodness was it busy with coach loads of pensioners) I managed to lay 3 slabs and clear some more turf.  We now have only 2 slabs left.  How many more we need depends slightly on how we finish the final run, although you/Mick may have a plan for this.  Perhaps 8 but we can measure up more carefully on Saturday coming?

The festive crowds were in chatty mood and, in our exchanges of banter, I commented that I was on ‘double time’ since it was a bank holiday – on the grounds that twice nothing was still nothing!

Finally, to amuse all addressees, someone commented favourably my paving work and asked if I had a business card!! [We are now contracting Tim out at an attractive rate]

Sadly, I didn’t take my phone so no pictures.

Festive regards, and hope to see you Saturday.


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