A Seasonal Caption Competition!

In an idle moment yesterday Tim Winstanley  snap this interesting shot of some  gardening boots sunning themselves by the containers.


His vivid imagination then took him through the following thought process:-

“I wondered idly if anyone else imagined that one of the gardeners had dived into the compost bag and all one could see was the soles of their boots!  A bit Alice in Wonderland maybe but perhaps the Christmas spirit has overcome me! (I think so – or the smell of impact adhesive coming from the container!)

Tim then floated the notion of seasonal caption competition and suggested the following:-

‘John: you’re taking this deep digging thing to extremes’

‘It’s all got too much for one of the gardening team’

To which I add my own suggestions:-

‘The Ba Humbug attitude prevailed at the Garden Centre as Santa mysteriously disappears from his grotto’

‘Monty Don should have known better than to criticise Carol Klines hairdo’

 Now send us your offerings – there may be a prize!

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