The Saturday Gang

Twelve volunteers were on duty today – full of Christmas cheer, as large numbers of Santa seekers passed to and fro.  Everyone seemed happy, just as it should be at this time of the year.

Regrettably I was largely engrossed in the pathway project and my photos are restricted to this activity. Sorry about that – I must try harder!


There was a full complement of helpers on the pathway build – including Tim, Mike, Ben, Stephen and Maurice, all moving what seems to be a never ending exercise forward to completion. Here the end is literally in sight, the  yellow dumpy bags sitting at the end of the line!


Here is the view looking back towards the container.. Tim and Mike are doing a bit of fettling to a wayward edge slab. It was all sorted in the end…


Stephen and I drew the short straw to sort out the chicane around the Corsican pine – its not as haphazard as the photo implies – the final connecting slab was a watchmakers fit!

Thanks to all who lent a hand. What I omitted to do was take pictures of the carpentry work being undertaken by Andrew Stark, who was pushing on with the other marathon job of lining the container with plywood.

One thought on “The Saturday Gang

  1. Like the snow effect on the page – hope it doesn’t come to real snow! Except on Christmas day of course which it probably will not, as the bookies would have to pay out too much money and so Santa diverts snow on Christmas day. Regards, Paul.


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