Another Good Morning at the OK Corral

The first day of the Santa Specials always reinvigorates the atmosphere at Cheltenham Racecourse Station and today was no exception, with lots of excited children(and grownups!) filling the trains to bursting point.


The CRS Volunteers continued the various work in progress projects and in particular laying the container pathway,  which is wending its way southwards. The completed path will be some 90ft long, made up of 45, 2x2ft x 2″slabs. Mick and Tim are nearly half way now and complain of their knuckles dragging the ground by the end of the session!img_0803

Maurice and Terry continued with the equally arduous job of concreting in the edging curbs, and have to stay ahead of the slabbing in order to keep the momentum going.


The result by the end of the morning session was very pleasing! Well done chaps!


One face missing on the team was Ben, who today had volunteered to man the shop. My goodness he scrubs up well and looked very dapper in his suit. He really is a very pleasant young man and I hope he continues with us for many years to come. We definitely need an  influx of youth to take over from us old codgers!


Just looking forward to the next stages of the container project, today Andrew varnished the wood floor of the container in order to make it dust and spill proof. With the strong smell of varnish, I half expected Andrew to come floating out of the container, but all was well!img_0798

The only other aspect of container work today was Stephen removing the white markings from the external surfaces. The job was surprisingly straight forward  with a hair dryer – whether  the Wilson Amami nights will ever be the same, I’m not sure!


Down on Platform 1 John was tending to the station vegetable patch, which now has the  sleepers installed by the Thursday Gang.



Thats all folks!

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