The Mid-Week Gang

I’m not sure 2 people constitutes a gang but judging by the work that was achieved….

A report from Tim Winstanley:

Dear Bill,

I attach some snaps from the mid-week group (ie Mick and me) with further progress to report on Klargester fencing.


‘Twas certainly a cold and frosty morning in November – good weather for working outside since you want to warm up as soon as possible!


Having agreed with OIC Gardens that a sleeper or 2 would provide an improved barrier between the garden and the pit we moved a few of the surplus wooden monstrosities from the garden pod region and the arches store to the work site.  Hard labour this recycling lark!


After penetrating the permafrost, we dug out the necessary trench (John – should save you and hour or two in the Spring!) and did a little fettling to make the sleepers fit, stripped off the existing fence palings, placed 2 sleepers on top of one another and secured.  Then replaced the palings with nice new round tops (let’s hope the H&S directive doesn’t apply to our spear point railings!) – spot the ‘cosmetic’ paling top above John’s water pipe. Simples!


Nearly there then with the Klargester fence – just the remainder of the left hand side plus, in the slightly longer term (Jan 17?), the need to do a similar revetment (technical term!) job at the back of the garden area.  I can hardly wait!!