A Bright Saturday

A bright Saturday and lots of jobs in hand brought 16 volunteers  to CRS today. A great turn out.

Selfishly, I’m afraid, I kept my head down on continuing with the new path to the container and didn’t capture all the action I would have liked to.

As I’ve said before, there’s only so many ways to describe progress on the pathway project, in words or photographs! Nevertheless, a super effort by 3 teams  meant that the end is in sight and two more weeks should see it completed. Here Tim and Ben continue the run of slabs from the container end.img_0790

Beyond the “tree” Terry and Maurice  concreted in the edge slabs and by the end of the session had covered at least two thirds of the distance. Brilliant!


A  big thank you to Mick, Tim, Terry, Maurice and Ben who definitely earned their 11 o’clock cups of coffee!

One should never understate the value of all the other tidying up jobs that go on every Saturday and Monday (Gardener’s World). Here, stalwart Mike poses on his broom for the camera man.img_0789

On the driveway both the Billygoat and manual methods were deployed  to see off the remains of the autumn leaves.


The Loneliness of the Long Distance Creosoter

Dave G, never happier than with a brush in his hand, was busy creosoting the carpark fence.  Talk about A Forth Bridge job!



And always appreciated, a few photos and observations from Bob Stark:


Dear Bill,
    Due to other critical tasks at home (fixing the home leaf vacuum comes into this category) this report will arrive with you when you have already composed our blog entry for Saturday 27 November. However, as the busy “gaffer” for the paving project (and a modest man) here are a few of my obervations on the other ongoing activities. First a shot or two additional images of your pathway project seen through the lens of a non involved observer.
    My first shot covers the concentration and consultation required to achieve the level of precision with which Mick and Tim are laying the slabs I wonder what Ben was thinking at this moment? Perhaps we should have a caption competition?
    Modesty (and concentration on the task in hand) prevented you describing your own activity yesterday. My second image therefore illustrates the work of the team leader – perhaps headed ” A tamping we will go”?
    Before leaving progress with your project I can report that with Mick’s help I believe that we now have in hand all the items required for the electrical infrastructure that we intend to fit into the container.  I’m sure that some will be anxious to get started “inside” as winter progresses and “outside” becomes even less attractive.
    In the Ticket Office Stephen erected the Christmas tree and decorated it in preparation for the first of our “Santa” specials, He also carried out some urgent modifications to our heating arrangements for the Booking Office to ensure our winter customers can enjoy a warm refuge before heading for the North Pole.
      Down on platform 1, John continued to enlarge and improve his “Dig for Victory” garden. I gather that this year we will be seeing some rabbit resistant varieties of veg that we have not seen before, in addition of course to John’s normal bountiful harvest.

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