Hence a Fence!

A mid week report from Tim Winstanley and his partner in crime, Mick Best.


Here are some snaps of this morning’s progress on the Klargester fence progress.  I have include a couple of close ups of the before/after – surprising how rotten the fence palings actually were when we came to remove them.   I don’t think anyone could actually have fallen through into the pit but some were getting a bit marginal in that regard.



We should get a prize for the best upcycling project at CRCS – the only new elements so far have been half a box of screws. It will, of course, look better still once it has been painted.


Only half the sides and the wings to sort out!  We have devised an outline plan of how to better fence off the garden area – to be discussed with John on Saturday.




Tim gives one of his best “Man at C&A” poses…


A great Job…….

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