A Fence Intended!


A few words on today’s efforts!

Mick and I had decided (before seeing the weather forecast!) to fit in half a day’s fencing on the Klargester.   We just about managed to reach a suitable stopping point before the heaven’s opened.  Here are a few snaps of the work in progress and the results.  We are reusing (upcycling?) the temporary fencing which was in place for a year of so on Platform 1 and kindly left behind by B&S, so there is virtually no cost to the railway.


Sadly the ridiculous rain storm has made my photography even worse than normal.  Anyway the Klargester now has a new fence around it’s back and sides.  Hopefully, we will progress on to replacing the front sections in due course and, ideally, add a coat of our patent universal Creocote mix in the Spring, to provide the finishing touch and allow it to blend in with the rest of CRC fencing.






A few words also on the delivery  of paving materials we received this morning from Fairview Building Supplies. My best intentions of taking photos were thwarted by the same storm that Mick and Tim had to contend with and consequently there is no  photo evidence to publish!




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