Hi Bill

No photos but things have been busy at CRC over the weekend. The race traffic and damp weather put off most of the outdoor volunteers so not much to report.

The racecourse hosted the Open during Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the second largest race meeting in terms of crowd numbers. GWR ran race trains hired by Classic Hospitality on the first two days, whilst the racecourse brought in punters by coach to the field on the Malvern side of our line. This means the signal box crossing has to be manned to ensure the gates are closed so that punters cannot cross over during train movements. I did this duty on both evenings ā€“ luckily the weather was kind if a little chilly at times.

The platform and ramp needed a clear up after wind and rain had brought down the usual crop of leaves and pine needles during the previous week. I pushed the billy goat leaf vacuum round the site on Friday before our train arrived, to ensure things were neat and tidy for our passengers, collecting a whole bag full in the process. I have emptied this, Paul, so billy is ready for your next shift!

Bob and Steve braved the race traffic on Saturday morning to begin preparing the station for the Santa trains. They put up new fairy light fittings around the ticket office canopy and also cleared out some stored CCTV items from the loft for assessment. Hopefully the sun will be out on Monday afternoon so that we can continue with our gardening and tidying up the site.


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