Saturday 5th November 2016 – Long Johns on!

A short report today I’m afraid, which really doesn’t do justice to the the determined efforts of  all the volunteers in attendance. There were  9 volunteers signed in on what was no doubt, the first of many chilly mornings ahead!

The main task was the continuing construction of the footpath between the new container and the ramp at the top of platform 1. It was the first day of “mixing muck” on this job, required to hold the edge slabs in place.

IMG_0726 copy.jpg

Here Mick and new starter Ben(welcome Ben)  set to with a will at preparing the first of many barrow loads of concrete. Setting the slabs just right over pretty uneven ground is no easy task and it will take several sessions to complete the task.

In anticipation of this, Maurice continued the laborious task of digging out the trench required to accommodate the edging slabs.


img_0725This task was pretty much completed, with John Leeson completing the top end. My thanks to Tim also who multi tasked, and for instance, nobly helped me replace  two  3×2 slabs at the ramp end.

In other areas Dave G was was painting, Dave T was removing some protective  polythene sheeting from the cutting behind the station , Stephen was strimming the grass on the cutting by platform 2,  Mike was sweeping  up leaves with his broom (something of a King Canute job on a windy autumn day!)  and Mary was similarly retrieving the fallen leaves from the flower beds. Where are the pictures you may ask? – I will do better next time!

Finally what do you call a group of Volunteers at 11am – A Stampede of Volunteers – particularly when Mike has made the brew!



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