Monday Afternoon

Bob Stark was in attendance this afternoon and sent in a nosegay of activities in progress. There are no pictures, but a good description from Bob is always worth having.


 A chilly Monday afternoon the promised Indian summer weather did not materialise at the Racecourse this afternoon and the early shift started in competition with a light shower of rain. With the evenings drawing in, working hours on Monday afternoons are getting shorter and I regret that I did not have my camera with me today.
    4 stalwarts this afternoon plus one Monday irregular (yours truly!) Dave Tomlin was taking advantage of a no passenger day to burn the ever present piles of pine needles collected by our “Billy Goat” on Saturdays as well as an accumulation of packaging materials that seem to appear in the worker’s room from nowhere. Roger and Dave Griffin were continuing the long running repaint of the railings at the top of the embankment adjacent to the entrance gate. More red anti rust paint appeared today, so I know from past experience from our master painter Dave G that at least two more coats will be required before we finish this task. Mike Towsend cleared the entrance area of pine needles and of more importance in terms of team morale, organised the tea parade for us all. John Leeson was continuing his tree root removal from his “Dig For Victory” allotment patch and was enriching this area with DIY compost from our own compost bins. This will give him a little more room for growing his vegetables and provide this welcome wartime backdrop for our Cotswolds at War event in the Spring.
    I managed a mixed bag of little jobs today. The gardeners hosepipe has been replaced by one that does not “kink” and was put into action watering the new bushes that we intend to camouflage our storage containers from racegoers and another security light has been replaced with an up to date LED device. Only 2 more to go to complete the transition to long lasting energy efficient lighting, but I wonder if any of us will be around to claim on the guarantees of 20,000 hours of operation? (we wont hold our breath!)