Saturday 22nd October 2016

Another fair weather  day, and the CAG Volunteers homed in on the winter schedule of ‘must do ‘  jobs. The racecourse was generally buzzing with the first meeting of the season under way.  The GWSR Food and Drink Festival was also this weekend, and the first train of the day was very busy with  gourmet punters!

Below  – Bob and Andrew Stark are replacing the Ticket Office security light system. The latest technology here posing a few problems  -I think you have to connect that wire to something Andrew!


We have decided to put a slab path down to the new container and choosing a route that didn’t intrude too much on the landscape proved a bit tricky. For better, for worse we decided to run it along the hedge line and work will start in earnest next week.


Down on Platform 1, Tim and Mick were putting new fencing around the Klargester pit. This was required both from an aesthetic and safety point of view –  its amazing which route some passengers  will try to use to catch the last train  on race days!


The pathway to Platform 2 looks a skateboarders delight. The new fencing between it and track is coming along nicely. The less than salubrious container in the background is due to be moved on shortly (we hope!).


Post Script

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Peter Hickox, one of my oldest Broadway Area Group  colleagues and friends.vol. Peter and I work worked at Broadway virtually from the beginning and he was the kindest, pleasantest  and most hardworking gentleman  you could possibly wish to meet. He will be missed by his Broadway chums.

Rest easy Peter……

One thought on “Saturday 22nd October 2016

  1. Yes. As I already wrote on the Broadway page, it’s terrible when you lose a friend and worker in the way that you lost Peter. I remember when we lost colleages when I worked on the SVR, it didn’t sink in immediately; it was like they were on holiday or just tied up with domestic duties. It will take time, and as I said on the Broadway page, look around the railway and you will see the epitaph to Peter.
    CRC is looking great now that P2 is tarmacked. Wonderful work. Regards, Paul.


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