Diesel Fumes!

I was not on duty yesterday, but Tim Winstanley kindly sent me the following report:-



A solid crew turned out today – to match the diesel weekend perhaps – with few of our more volatile elements present (just joking!).  There was the gardening and clearance team (John, Dave T, Maurice and Mary); the one man platform sweeping team (Paul); chief strimmer (Steve) and the project crew (Tim & Mick).   Dave G was also present but doing far more important Station Master duties – like trying to fathom out the special, diesel only timetable!


I noted in passing that our passengers today had a wide variety of enquiries – including the history of the line, the future for Platform 2 (P2) as well as the usual ‘when’s the next train’ variety.  Perhaps this reflects the slightly different range of individuals who pitch up for the more specialised weekends?


However, between queries, much was accomplished including maintaining what is now a distinctly autumnal look and feel to the gardens – though they are still a very attractive backdrop.


The new container installation has produced a fair amount of debris – from bits of meld mesh, weed suppressant membrane, endless lengths of old wire and a selection of redundant sleepers/paving slabs.  All this will need removing alongside, one suspect, the usual accumulation of items donated and kept on the grounds that they might – one day – be useful.  Another skip is called for!!


A new standpipe and tap has been installed for the P2 ‘gardens’ – now much closer to the action and in a position which will also allow water and (eventually) power to be provided to any buildings which may be required on that side of the line.  Future proofing!  This work also removed the eyesore of metal sheets and exposed pipework – which were detracting from what will soon, we hope, be an in-use P2.  Bob, Andrew and Steve’s industrious strimming has done wonders but, once the tarmac is laid on our smart new platform, I suspect eyes will increasingly turn to the slag stone wall (what wall?) and bank behind as well as the general appearance of the line side.    I confidently predict that we will have more work to do!!


Finally, we will be replacing the fence around the Klargester during the railways ‘down time’ in November, reusing (upcycling!) the excellent lengths of round top palings left behind by B&S; so a little preparation work was carried out to put some solid new posts in place.  Should look good by Christmas (2016 – I hope!!).