A Thursday Special – The Container Arrives!

It was  a milestone day when the long awaited container actually arrived.  It was an early start  (7:40 am for yours truly) and even earlier  – 7:20 for Bob. By 8:00 there were a gang of four (Bob, Tim, Dave G and self), with ours eyes staring at the horizon in anticipation of the Lion Containers lorry coming over the hill. After a slight detour around town it duly arrived and work started on the unloading.

Somehow the container did not look that large on the back of the lorry but as it  was gradually “steered” into position its sheer bulk on our small patch became a sight to behold.

What was particularly impressive was the way the driver (Mark)  from David Watson Transport was able to steer and guide the HIAB crane to lift the container over the PODS and on to its final resting place. It was all done with great care. Here CAG Volunteer Tim Winstanley is reeling in the container and thereby keeping it square to footings.


Here it is in its final position, looking for all the world as though its always been there!


The CAG Team are now looking forward to the next task of lining the container and of course filling it in a neat and tidy fashion.



Bob Stark kindly sent me the following report which covers both the container arrival and some other important work that has been happening this week:



An early start this morning with a late advisory that the long awaited 20ft shipping container was to be delivered to Cheltenham Racecourse Station at around 8am. A small team comprising Bill, Dave Griffin, Tim and Bob were there to greet the delivery driver Mark from David Watson Transport and show him to the site where we had the footing ready prepared to take the containerp1060494 After a quick site appraisal Mark manoeuvred the container off his truck, over the fence and into position. Some slight adjustment was achieved by a gentle push from the work team and ensured the container landed in correct spot. The next image shows the container in its final position close to the ex-Army PODs. Before we receive adverse comment – yes the big white “BULLBOX” self adhesive label was quickly removed from the Racecourse side of the container.  p1060498

Elsewhere both the Broadway team on Platform 2 and building and services on our car park have been busy this week. Bob White and his small team from the northern reaches of our Railway have been completing the laying of a compacted sand layer on the platform surface in advance of the laying of the final tarmac surface.p1060500

This last stage of surfacing of Platform 2 is now expected to take place on 7 October. Bob expects to complete the sand layer distribution on 2 Oct after our team has adjusted some of the more jaunty angled OSMA drain covers to the final surface height. As you can see from the image taken this morning, the fox and rabbit families have enjoyed playing sandcastles on Platform 2 during the night.

p1060506Pete Dickenson and his small team of B&S volunteers have now started the not insignificant task of creosoting the wooden railings surrounding our car park at Cheltenham. Thank you all.


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