Saturday, 24th September 2016



A short blog input today – commensurate with the activity levels at CRC this morning.


Naturally, most activity was focused on ‘Thomas’ so it was left to a few hardly annuals to potter around doing the usual.  Needless to say things kicked off early with Paul sweeping the platform and slope – ready for our many visitors.  Slightly later Mike arrived to do a general tidy and Mary to garden, whilst I started with some scrub-bashing behind the Klargester (to make replacing the fence easier during the close season).  When joined by Steve we engaged in a small improvement to P2  ‘facilities’ by beginning to put in a second stand-pipe by the old toilet block foundations – much nearer the middle of the platform and close to the nascent P2 garden.  As usual, digging at CRC proved less than easy, we didn’t quite have the fittings we required and made a couple of minor false starts!  Never mind, it’ll give us something to do next Saturday!!  Luckily all this could be done without trespassing on P2 itself – which shows signs that it might just possibly be growing a layer tarmac sometime soon!


The real bonus of the morning was that Teresa (on Stationmaster duties) had made fairy cakes (NB these are not ‘cupcakes’) and insisted she didn’t want to take any home, which made a nice change from doughnuts.


I attach a couple of snaps of passing interest.





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