An Enjoyable Saturday

There were 9 stalwarts in attendance this morning and much good work was done. As you can see on the Front Page there was extra company today with the 30 or so French travellers  caravans lodged in the Racecourse car park, adjacent to the GWSR car park. Clearly it was their intention to have a good time this weekend, judging by the loud music coming from their marquee – I understand a wedding was in the offing! Live and let live is the motto, I guess.

I’m afraid the photos today were limited to the final groundwork activity for the Container – now bought and almost paid for! There was, however, lots of gardening going on with Mary, John and Maurice filling many barrows of weeds and half the Ledamun Team (Phil) on the mowing!

As far as the Container groundworks were concerned,  Stephen and Tim finished off the planting of the hawthorn hedge – here we see Tim hiding in the bushes.2016-09-17-10-05-50

The remaining groundwork consisted of levelling off the ground to make sure there were no humps and bumps protruding to foul the container.


Here Starks  2 and 3 (Lewis and Andrew ) do the serious stuff while Tim demonstrated his line dancing technique. In fact there  were 3 generations of Starks in attendance  today with Stark number 1 (Bob) snipping, clipping and dead heading on Platform 2.

Actually it could be said that there were 4 Stark generations in attendance. Robin “Stark” wined, dined and bathed (in a puddle of water). Andrew  told us that his Grandfather’s name was Robin also. One of those strange coincidences!





Bob kindly furnished me with these photo extras:-


Steady Maurice!


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