A Wednesday Special -Not Sitting on the Fence

Bill, Bob,

I’ve finished off the weld mesh fencing.  It’s only held on with the cable ties at the moment.  However, I have tended to find that knocking the large staples into the fence posts and rails is doing more damage than is desirable.  I suggest we await a staple gun or similar.

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You (and older readers of the blog) may be amused by the following:

I felt that I should wear gloves as the fence material is rather hard work.  I searched for my usual pair of GWSR Saturday specials and couldn’t locate them.  After some mild expletives I completed the job with a substitute (and rather inadequate) pair.  A hour or so later I decided to take the redundant fencing down to the archways for storage.  I took off my gloves to get the keys out of my pocket to unlock the padlock to get into the store.  I turned to put my gloves down on the nearby oil drum.  And guess what?  The gloves from Saturday when I had taken them off to get the keys to open the padlock to get into the store!  Ah well…..

I was accompanied in this morning’s task by our mate Robin; he’s now quite a pal, in fact I have become quite reliant on him.  (Sorry couldn’t resist that one). [I think Robin deserves his own Blog! – Ed.]






Cheers Tim!

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