Saturday 3rd September 2016

Saturday morning report:
    We were fortunate that the rain held off until after our tea break (with doughnuts thanks to Andrew), so many of the routine tasks were accomplished before life became wet and a little unpleasant.
    The usual front of house tasks were accomplished by Paul Ledamun removing our pine needles from Platform 1 and cutting the grass at our front gate on the car park. It always looks so neat and tidy, thank you Paul. Maurice was once again trimming the hedgerow by the front gate, this too adds to the ambience of care we try to provide to our arriving passengers.


    Another long on-going project has been the repainting of the railings by the sign storage bins at the station entrance and Dave Griffin and Mick (the latter resting from foundation and POD wiring work) were applying coats of anti rust paint to the spear fencing. With all our other tasks this one has become rather stalled of late and it will be good to get some top coat on and the wooden modesty fencing re-erected before the winter months arrive.
    Due to the absence of the “Great Leader” and Tim’s completion of the shipping container mounting plinths, Tim and Stephen turned their attention to erecting the security fencing on the boundary fence by the PODs to repel unwanted boarders.
    This involved bringing up a large roll of weld mesh fencing from the security compound and one can tell that Tim’s military manual handling techniques training has finally paid dividends, albeit I suspect that it is a long time since military stores were moved in this way.  Sections of weld mesh were then cut from the roll and Stephen attached these to the fence as you can see from the image below.


     There were questions asked of me regarding the delivery of the long anticipated shipping container and I had to advise that this was now in your hands, Plc funding having been agreed. No pressure you understand!
    John Leeson finished the machining of the new seat plank for the ramp bench and when last seen this was about to disappear under the first coat of primer. Soon the less fit will once again be able to rest their weary bones at the half way point on the Platform 1 access ramp.
    My last section of this report covers the Stark contribution. Andrew strimmed another section of the Platform 2 embankment, albeit we are now encountering problems with spoil dumped on top of the embankment during the platform construction phase which contains many rocks and large stones that do not agree with our grass cutting machinery. Removing the rubble and leveling the surface will however have to be a task for next year.
    On Platform 1 we completed strimming the grass and weeds behind the flowerbeds between the Klargester and the disabled access gate. This does improve the first impression of our station for arriving passengers, but there is still much work to do at the top of the embankment where the bushes have encroached onto the grass banks.


    That is it – my apologies if I have missed out someone’s valued contribution.

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