A Wednesday Special – How to Occupy your grandson

From a doting Grandfather !
Dear Bill,
    A little mid week snip-it for our blog. The new Platform 2 “ENGINES STOP HERE” notice has been under construction for several weeks and had reached the stage where all it required were new letters for the above wording. The old letters had been hand cut from hardboard and had definitely seen better days, so a search of the internet was initiated and a source of black 3inch acrylic letters was found in Ireland and they were ordered. A few days later the padded bag of letters arrived to be mounted on the new notice board. I had not ordered countersunk holes in the letters but as we could not find a local source of dome headed small brass screws we had to go for the countersunk variety. Why brass ? because eventually steel screws would rust and we would have rusty streaks down the white face of our new board.


    My 5yr old grandson James was looking for a job to “help grandpa” so he was recruited to ream out the countersunk holes by hand rather than perhaps break the letters with the electric drill. The image above shows the concentration required and the image below shows the final result.


    On Wednesday morning the backing fixture was treated, fibreglassed and painted and in the afternoon the completed sign was erected in location at the end of Platform 2. Job done.
Along the way James and Grandpa repaired and cleaned out a sad and derelict bird box which now has a new roof (also fibreglassed for a long life) and this is now in the station workshop awaiting a kind volunteer to paint it in a forest colour and erect it ready for a 2017 small bird family.


We try and cater for all our visitors!

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