Saturday 20th August 2016

Not available for duty today  but work continues!
    A very useful and “normal” day for the team yesterday with a mixed bag of weather to contend with. As usual the Ledumun brothers and Tim were up with “Robin” who seems to sit in wait for us, then supervise our activities.
Tim, Mick and Stephen were working on the new foundation plinths for the long awaited 20 ft shipping container and progress is being made. We still await decisions on the funding however, but when this is in place we will be ready to purchase and install.
Following their completion of the day’s foundation work Mick and Tim turned their attention to the wiring in the 2 PODs tidying up some of the trunking and cable routing disturbed when the PODs were moved.


     Maurice continued with the trimming of our hedgerow at the entrance gate and this now looks much neater. This work along with the mowing and pine needle collection by Paul and Bob Ledamun meant we had as usual a smart appearance at the top of the ramp for our many arrivals. One lady I spoke to had a celebration party of over 25 “just coming for a ride” and they duly turned up just as we were leaving at lunchtime in their Sunday best.
   [ A couple of extras from Tim!]
    Smoke signals were emanating from the location of the Hunting Butts tunnel mouth, so we have to assume that with the movement of some of the old trucks in the headshunt, Andy Protherough and his team were at last able to gain access to the remaining few cess drain chambers on the north side of the cutting that had been eluding them.
John Leeson moved the broken seat that normally sits half way up the Platfrom 1 ramp up to the cover of the Ticket Office canopy and I gather that he and Dave griffin will now be preparing and painting the new planks that we purchased last week. Only then will the weary mountaineers of the Platform 1 Ramp be again able to rest their bodies at the half way point.
Finally Ros and I were once again working on Platform 2. Ros was weeding the flower beds and trimming, then putting stuimp killer on the brambles. I have at last mastered the programming of our irrigation system timer, but it took a session reading the instructions (and a chair so I could sit down by the programmer) to get to this happy state. This behaviour does not come naturally to an engineer!


    Keeping Ros company yours truly was again strimming the weeds on the Platform 2 embankment. There is still much to do there however and we can expect more challenges next year given the amount of thistle down that is blowing around.