Saturday and the Summer Sunshine Continues!

Bob Stark has sent me the following report of the morning’s activities:-

Dear Bill,
    Like certain Rail Unions who are in dispute with management, I wish to have a better work/life balance, so these notes are written on the basis that I will fail to bring my camera next week so that I am not nominated as the duty scribe. Surely writing up the Committee meeting notes was sufficient for one week?
    Now on to the work of the day – a goodly volunteer workforce turn out, great weather and many, many happy passengers – what more can the scribe wish for?
    By the time I arrived this morning (somewhat late) the Ledamun brothers had already walked the platform with the “Billy Goat” vacuum clearing the pine needles, cones and leaves. The bits they did not cover were followed up by Mike, so as usual we had a smart station for the first passengers. Ros and I were working on Platform 2 so missed the unusual sight of Billy Goat being laid on its side for its first service.


    You and your small team of Tim and Mick moved the POD and container project forward, Mick wiring in the second POD to our power supply and you and Tim setting out the reference corner stone for the awaited 20ft shipping container. We will keep our blog watchers posted on  this acquisition when the order has been placed, but in the meantime can I point out the one corner stone doth not a base make!
    On the ramp John Leeson removed the broken seat plank from the half way rest bench. New planks are being machined by Messrs Bence in town, but John let slip to me this morning that he has a router and can machine an authentic “lip” on the replacement seat plank. Thanks John for that intelligence – as the cartoon character Dilbert found out ” If work is a reward, then expect a significantly increased reward next year”.
    Also on the ramp were Mary beautifying the flower beds with the assistance of a half price sale at our local garden centre and Dave Tomlin helping Stephen with strimming the vegetation that seems determined to encroach on our visitors from the ramp side walls.
    Over on Platform 2 Ros had also raided the half price counters at the garden centre and we managed to prepare the soil on the next section of garden bed with manure and compost and plant these out. This has required an extension to our automated soaker system which seems to be much appreciated by the plants we put in the first section of garden (See behind Ros how the marigolds are running riot).


    Whilst Ros was creating new life in the garden beds I applied a second dose of weedkiller to some of the more persistent weeds on the rolled stone surface (ROUNDUP 2 – the drama continues). Oh what I would give for some of the banned sodium chlorate to wipe out the survivors. After dealing with the platform weeds the remainder of the weedkiller was applied to the pathway from the end of Platform 1 to the signal box which is rapidly disappearing under greenery.


    Just to show we care for our volunteers the “facilities” in the sentry box (aka 1/4 of an Anderson shelter) have been enhanced. Mick has created a shelf for our volunteer ticket checkers to place their mugs of tea and sandwiches – oh yes and the odd leaflet or two. It has already been suggested that the shelf would be more useful if it had a power point for the electric kettle and toaster – perhaps even a heater?. These will have to wait – care, yes spoil, no.
Last but not least Dave Griffin continued the application of gloss top coat on “Billy Goats” home in the lamp hut. As at close of play at lunchtime Dave advised that the task should be completed by Roger in the Monday team with the application of top coat on the door of the lamp hut. No pressure Roger – or excuses!
    If I have missed out the efforts of anyone today – my apologies- but remember this is the missive of a pressed man.
And from Tim Winstanley  “How many Volunteers does it take to turn a Billy Goat over?20160813_103820
Answer : “at least 4 ,with 4 more watching to give good advice”
And should you  be tipping a petrol engine upside down to empty the sump – I don’t think so!!!