A Tuesday Special

Tim Winstanley and I were on site at CRCS today to organise the move of the Pods into their new resting place. The Vic Haines lorry with the HIAB crane  was behind schedule so the time was filled by further tidying of the site and placing the last piece of anti climb wire mesh on the boundary fence. The  rig arrived at last  and it was all hands to the strops to  proceed with lifts.


Here Ben the VH Driver is attaching  the strops to the lifting chains. Note the 2 pieces of timber on the roof  which when in place, were used to stop the roof line being crushed.


After a good deal of difficult manoeuvring ( the HIAB was at its limit of range) the job was completed. Here are the Pods in their new positions and the Vic Haines rig packed up and ready to go! My thanks goes  to   driver Ben Brotherton and Vic Haines for their cooperation on this exercise.


I noticed that S & T were preparing the  new platform 2 signal post for painting. It was coming along nicely!



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