Godfathers, Buckets, and Spades

The second report is from Bill, covering a miscellany of activities, but primarily reporting on the good progress with the Pod  move preparation.


Tim and Mick (not a Vaudeville  cross talk act – but close!) were in long before me to start the work required for the placement of 3 godfather spurs to bolster the strength of the fence posts adjacent to where the Pods are being moved to.


Here Mick is lining up godfather number 2, on the newly drilled holes in the offending post.

Postcrete pre mixed concrete is used to fix the  godfathers in the ground. A simple process providing the bucket you intend to use does not have a hole in it!IMG_0525

Nevertheless, in what  seemed double quick time the fence was restored to its original rigid state, with new anti climb steel wire mesh attached.


It remained for Lewis to cut back some of  the nearby Hawthorn hedge which was putting additional pressure on the setting concrete.


On other fronts, the Diesel Gala was in full swing, operated with a variety of locos growling   on the  CRC run around, on generally well packed trains. Here  a 47 series sporting the Cheltenham Spa Express  headboard.


And finally, GWSR Chairman Alan Bielby is snapped here chatting to the BS Lads who are continuing to repair the slag wall on Platform 1.


“Your digging it round and it ought to be square……”

Alan spent all morning on carpark duty at CRC, only surviving with some CAG coffee and a doughnut!


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