Godfathers, Buckets, and Spades

The second report is from Bill, covering a miscellany of activities, but primarily reporting on the good progress with the Pod  move preparation.


Tim and Mick (not a Vaudeville  cross talk act – but close!) were in long before me to start the work required for the placement of 3 godfather spurs to bolster the strength of the fence posts adjacent to where the Pods are being moved to.


Here Mick is lining up godfather number 2, on the newly drilled holes in the offending post.

Postcrete pre mixed concrete is used to fix the  godfathers in the ground. A simple process providing the bucket you intend to use does not have a hole in it!IMG_0525

Nevertheless, in what  seemed double quick time the fence was restored to its original rigid state, with new anti climb steel wire mesh attached.


It remained for Lewis to cut back some of  the nearby Hawthorn hedge which was putting additional pressure on the setting concrete.


On other fronts, the Diesel Gala was in full swing, operated with a variety of locos growling   on the  CRC run around, on generally well packed trains. Here  a 47 series sporting the Cheltenham Spa Express  headboard.


And finally, GWSR Chairman Alan Bielby is snapped here chatting to the BS Lads who are continuing to repair the slag wall on Platform 1.


“Your digging it round and it ought to be square……”

Alan spent all morning on carpark duty at CRC, only surviving with some CAG coffee and a doughnut!


Yesterday at CRC

Two  reports on the CRC activities yesterday – this from Bob Stark

Dear Bill,
    Another good turnout today with a great deal of useful progress with the maintenance tasks.
Before I run through the playlist I would like to highlight the return of the Broadway team to Platform 2 where they are preparing the access arrangements to the Platform prior to its being surfaced. For the last couple of weeks John Crawford and his team have been removing the remains of the concrete foundations of the old BR signal box which were in the way of the ramp leading up to the Platform. The image below shows the team earlier this week laying in the edging stones for the pathway ramp.


    While on the subject of platform 2 Andrew continued his strimming of the upper embankment today and as can be seen the weeds have certainly benefited from the wet and warm weather. Due to other priorities we have left this weed cutting activity a bit late and we shall no doubt suffer next year from the large number of seeds that have already been deposited into the grass.


    With agreement from John Crawford we have started to tackle the weed growth that has already invaded parts of the rolled stone platform surface and today I managed to treat the whole platform surface and some of the neighbouring embankment weed growth with a motley mix of herbicides. If only we could stop the fall of pine cones so easily.


    On Platform 1 Peter Dickenson and his team continue to rebuild the failed wall at the bottom of the Platform 1 ramp and the are optimistically predicting that work on this long running appearance blot on our entrance to the railway’s services will be completed in the next few days. We will be glad to see this task completed I am sure that Building and Services will also.


    Midst the coming and going of Diesel engines – well it was their Gala day today after all – Dave Griffin managed to Present two 15 year volunteering certificates to Alan and Roger.  Well done both, congratulations on completing the short course!



Elsewhere, Tim, Lewis, Mick and Bill were working on the container site, Mary maintaining the gardens, David the Group shop and the Ledamun brothers the collection of pine needles and grass cutting in front of the Station building.
Lastly I must mention the fine work being done by Andy Protherough and his lineside drainage team who are continuing to seek a resolution to the flooding problems in the Hunting Butts cutting. Andy has posted some very revealing images on their team blog and they are making significant progress in resolving this long standing problem area. It is worth paying their blog site a visit to see the fine work they are doing.